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Meetings are the first Thursday of each

month, except October & December.

               Meetings start at 6:30pm                    October Big Fresno Fair Orchid Exhibit            

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Central California Orchid Society

Did You Know?


Central California Orchid Society

Welcome to our society’s website.  Most people are familiar with “Moth Orchids” sold at grocery stores and big box stores.  Others are familiar with Cymbidiums that are typically sold around Easter time.  People fall in love with them and buy them for themselves, or as gifts.  However, once the orchids are in the home, it becomes apparent that most people don’t know how to take care of them.  We often hear how hard it is to grow an orchid.  

That’s what we are here for, to help you understand what the plant needs, not only to survive but to thrive. 

A great way to learn about orchid care is to be with people who love orchids and grow them for fun.  Our society is all about sharing knowledge and getting other people hooked on growing orchids.  Come and join us at a couple of our meetings to see what we're about.

Octoberbrings the Big Fresno Fair and we enter our orchids for judging and exhibiting during the fair so we do not have a meeting during October.

Anyone can enter an orchid at the fair, you DO NOT have to be a member of the Central California Orchid Society.

Here is the web address for the Floriculture section on the fair's handbook which contains the information about the orchids.


The guidelines for entering you orchids at the Fair are as follows:

They must be in bloom

Orchids must have been in exhibitor's possession for at least three months. 

Orchids must be free of disease and pests

No Pre-entry Required 

Week One
                             Page 43-44 
Entry Fee                                      $1.00 per Entry 
Limit                                             2 Entries per Exhibitor per Class 
Receiving                                      Sept 29, 2019  7 AM to 12 PM 
Judging                                         Sept 29, 2019   1 PM

Exhibits Released                        October 6, 2019  7 AM to 9 AM

Week Two                              Page 48-50                                  Entry                                            $1.00 per Entry 
Limit                                             2 Entries per Exhibitor per Class
Receiving                                      October 6, 2019  7 AM to 9:30 AM 
Judging                                         October 6, 2019   10 AM  
Exhibits Released                         October 15, 2019  9 AM to 4 PM

​​The Big Fresno Fair Floriculture Department is pleased to host the American Orchid Society judging at this year’s fair. 
During the ribbon judging on
Sunday, October 6th, a team of certified judges will be present to evaluate any potential national award-worthy orchid blooms present.
This is a great opportunity for all potential Floriculture Department orchid exhibitors to have their plants evaluated for national awards.